One comment on “Front and side for rigging pose check

  1. This looks great! I would like to request a few changes that would be helpful for rigging.

    In general, I would like to get him as a character in a pose that’s balanced (won’t tip over) and relaxed – but the same can be said for each individual body part – should feel relaxed. Here are some specific notes based on that idea:

    The head should be facing straight ahead, not up. The bend of the spine is good, just rotate the head down. Looking at the side view, I would bring the arms back more and open up his chest. We want it (and everything) in a neutral pose so we can achieve the extremes in both directions equally successfully during animation – in this case those being chest forward/arms open wide as well as closed chest/arms in front. The wrist should also be in a more neutral pose – not rotated down as much. These changes will guarantee that this guy looks natural and relaxed in his default state and we won’t have to force that sort of pose in animation. Again, not having limbs and extremities favoring one direction with their rotation in the base pose ensures good deformation when we rotate in either direction. The Dawngate sculpts that Pat and Kevin give me are a good example of a balanced, relaxed pose, ready for rigging. (Fenmore, Nissa, Mikella, Faris) Also, this pose is pretty good:

    …except our guy shouldn’t be floating.

    This is going to be great, man! I will have to set up the muscles to react realistically – we will get a lot of mileage out of that. Exciting!

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